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MID News is the online platform for global mushroom news, industry trends, events and exhibitions and more!

As you have read in our previous newsletter, we have relaunched and expanded this platform with a number of attractive opportunities to bring your business to attention.

The new site is fully responsive (so readable on mobile, tablet and pc), modern and is constantly updated with useful information, blogs, newsletters, advertorials, job openings, etc..

MID News offers you the opportunity to advertise online on the platform.
Decision makers from these branches follow the news, the site is visited daily by many visitors. Would you like to draw the attention of these entrepreneurs? Then advertise on our website!
We have made a personal offer for your company.

MID News offers multiple possibilities and different channels to showcase your business.
If you advertise on the platform you will have a prominent place on the website with your logo and/or a banner, at all times you can provide us with content for the following subjects:

•  Testimonials
•  Advertorials
•  Job openings
•  Machine offers
•  Recipes
•  Videos

In addition, you will be listed in our monthly newsletters, and you can indicate whether we can share certain content through Social Media. Through the use of all these channels you showcase your business in multiple places and increase visibility.

Other tips and suggestions for the platform are very welcome!

We have a great offer to celebrate the re-launch of this website in the form of a personal offer. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.