Annual meeting Darmstadt; exciting, innovating and inspiring

Oct 25, 2017

From october 5 to 7, the 69th anniversary of the Federation of German Mushrooms and Cultivated Mushrooms (BDC e.V.) took place in Darmstadt. The program was packed with an exciting mix of topics in various fields; PR, Added value and energetic use through Champost, How do Fungi comunicate with their environment, and more.

After the traditional festive evening the Deckers family invited all attendees to visit the Rhein-Neckar-Pilz-GmbH in Bürstadt on Saturday morning. 
The Deckers family is a traditional family company with over more than 40 years experience by father and founder Hans Deckers. Still actively supporting Marco and Patrick Deckers in breeding mushrooms in Geldern Niederrhein (RPZ) and since 2015 also in the southern part of Bürstadt (RNP).

And not just any kind of mushroom! On more than 58,000 m2 of cultivated land and in 88 fully automated and air-conditioned cultivated areas, white and brown mushrooms grow within 14 and 17 days. Sustained, controlled, guaranteed without genetic engineering, according to the strict requirements of the IFS (International Food Standard) and certified according to IFS Cash & Carry Wholesale.

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