Start-up story: College student launches into Shiitake cultivation and earns bright incomes

Nov 13, 2017

After the graduation in 2015, Mr. Wu returned to his hometown and embarked on Shiitake cultivation in Ziran Village, Fugu County, Shanxi Province of China, now, he is gradually transforming from cave mode to large-scale cultivation, under his leadership, more and more villagers have been driven to join in Shiitake cultivation.

“Through repeated investigation, i decided to launch Shiitake cultivation, and in view of waste caves which hold the characteristic of warm in winter and cool in summer, i settled the cultivation site,” introduces Mr. Wu passionately, say that along with the development of cave-mode Shiitake cultivation, he became aware that small storage content in caves goes against with large-scale cultivation, then he started to raise fund and build mushroom greenhouses, which facilitates expanding the scale as well as enhancing convenient management.

Since last year, Mr. Wu has been successively raising 2.8 million CNY on establishment of 12 fruiting greenhouses and 3 cultivation greenhouses which cover 26 mu of land in total. Now, 200,000 mushroom bags could be stored into the greenhouses, fruiting amount obtains 300,000 kg and annual sales volume attains over 3 million CNY.