Mushroom cultivation tends to flourish with the participation of waste straws

Nov 14, 2017

Over the years, Guanghan City, Sichuan Province of China has been fully excavating the comprehensive utilization value of straws, a series of aspects such as field-returning of straws, grass and forage processing, biomass fuel have already taken shape.

According to know, Mr. Yi, principal of mushroom cooperative in Xinglong Town, Gualin Village, contracted nearly 10 mu of land two years ago and launched into mushroom cultivation via waste straws.

“Shimeji mushroom is the characteristic in the cooperative, its raw ingredients include wheat straws, rice straws and cotton seeds. In general, at least 1500 kg of mushroom could be produced via 1 ton of straws while output value reaches 3000-5000 CNY per ton. After the harvest, mushrooms could not only be sold to local markets, but also are processed into salted mushrooms,” introduces Mr. Yi excitedly, continuing that the cooperative provides 30-40 posts for local villagers, daily per capita income totals 150 CNY per and annual consumption on straw obtains hundred of tons.