Trial Morel cultivation obtains fruitful outcomes

Nov 16, 2017

According to Service Bureau of Mushroom Industry in Pingquan City, Hebei Province of China, now, trial Morel cultivation initially introduced at the beginning of this year is now realizing its success, mu output on fresh Morel reaches 1100 kg pure area and output value shows 176,000 CNY.

Pingquan City is the famous country of mushroom in China.

“Morel cultivation has realized leaping results. Firstly, optimal formula has been scientifically explored while high-output variety fits for cultivation of north China has been hunted out,” introduces related researchers passionately.

Now, there are 7 Morel varieties cultivated in the base, the largest fresh root-removed Morel reaches 18cm in height and 105.9g in net weight, and to calculate by actual fruiting volume of 195kg per mu and average market price of 100 CNY per kg, incomes on each mu of land reach 20,000 CNY.