Water temperature exerts significant influence on organic Straw mushroom

Nov 23, 2017

Organic Straw mushrooms are well favored by customers by nutritional value and tasty flavor. During its cultivation process, improper adjustment on water temperature would exert significant influence on final output of Straw mushroom.

In order to harvest satisfactory output, cultivators should firstly learn about the growth characteristic of organic Straw mushroom.

Organic Straw mushroom falls under with high-temperature variety, suitable temperature for spore budding and mycelia growth is respectively at 40 and 35 degrees Celsius or so. Mycelia growth tends to be inhibited when it is under 12 or higher than 42 degrees Celsius.

What’s more, organic Straw mushrooms are pleased with high humidity, suggested water content on substrate is at around 70%, superior relative air humidity is at 90%-95%, when it is lower than 80%, mushroom bodies lead tardy growth and occur coarse and bleak surface, when it is higher than 95%, mushroom bodies are easy to become unsound.

In conclusion, organic Straw mushrooms are strict with water temperature, it is crucial to spray water that is almost the same degree as room temperature, which is usually neglected by cultivators. In hot season, some growers directly spray well water that is at 20 degrees Celsius or so, which severely results in death of tiny mushrooms for reason of cold damage.

The purpose practice is to spray water in the morning or at night, ideal water temperature is at 30 degrees Celsius, meanwhile, it is necessary for growers to master correct water-spraying method in accordance with different growth period of sporocarps, and in case of small sporocarps, be sure to spray water in a light way. During Pinhead Phase and Small-button Period, be sure not to spray water on the surface, and in the event of slightly-dry surface, it is proper to conduct mist spray in aisles of cultivation room so as to increase air humidity. (Source: China’s Organic Agriculture Network.)