Characteristic mushroom industry is stepping into industrialized era

Nov 25, 2017

In early morning when people are still sleeping on both ears, Mr. Yang, party branch secretary of Zhangzhuang Village, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province of China is already busy with mushroom works in fruiting room with his son.

In Zhangzhuang Village, villagers mainly live by traditional crops, however, scarce land and large population still fail to raise villagers’ living standard, and hence the problem on poverty alleviation and wealth acquiring become gripping in the village.

“In 2011, our village launched King oyster mushroom cultivation, in order to mobilize villagers’ initiatives, i registered for Jiangsu Hanlong Agricultural Development Co., LTD and took the lead on King oyster mushroom cultivation in 120 mu of land,” introduces Mr. Yang passionately, adding that after 7 years of development, by right of strong strain superiority and powerful technical strength, he then established Yangliu Mushroom Cooperative which win annual sales income of over 20 million CNY and lead more than 100 villagers to get jobs.

Now, base of King oyster mushroom owned by Mr. Yang has been developed into industrialized, modernized and intelligent greenhouse.

Industrialized cultivation of King oyster mushroom manifests high output and superior quality, meanwhile, it facilitates saving land and consuming agricultural wastes. Besides, mushroom residues could be reused as raw ingredients of organic fertilizers, the whole production process is pollution-free.