Three key points on winter mushroom production

Nov 29, 2017

1. Lift the temperature of fungus bed: In cold winter, mushroom cultivators should lift the temperature of fungus bed and create favorable fruiting temperature. Besides, they could additionally cover a layer of thin film outside the house, and cover straw mats or heat-prevention quilt at night.

2. Enhance the ventilation: During the bud stage, mushrooms lead vigorous breathing status, in that case, cultivators should inhibit the sediment of carbon dioxide while preventing the assault of cold wind in mushroom house. In general case, it is proper to ventilate the house around noon for 10-20 minutes so as to supplement fresh air.

3. Strengthen water-replenishing: After passing the growth of autumn, mushroom sticks such as Shiitake and Oyster mushroom loss water for 40%-50%, on that occasion, cultivators should immediately supplement moisture, before that, firstly ventilate the house for 3-4 days, and ideal water source is well water. Most importantly, be sure to spray more water on large amount of mushrooms and spray less on small amount, spray more during bud stage and reduce the amount during picking period.