Scent of Shiitake spreads into growers’ heart

Nov 30, 2017

Recently, Mr. Wang Youyu, one of villagers as well as the principal of Youmei Shiitake Cooperative in Puling Village, Xiangxiang City, Hunan Province of China, has been engaged with Shiitake picking.

“Low temperature is evident during these day, average daily picking volume on fresh Shiitake comes to less than 200 kg while we used to pick over 700 kg during high-temperature days,” introduces Mr. Wang in passion.

According to know, last year, under the support and help of local village parties, Mr. Wang raised over 200,000 CNY on land lease of 4 mu, establishment of over 10 greenhouses and introduction of more than 30,000 Shiitake sticks. Under his elaborate management and protection, Shiitakes leaded satisfactory growth trend and won high output. By the end of last year, Shiitake sales came to nearly 260,000 CNY, after deducting all costs, profits obtained 60,000 CNY.

This year, Mr. Wang has newly built another 10 Shiitake greenhouses and raised 20,000 CNY on establishment of refrigeration house in a bid to save transportation expenses.

“After the maturation of cultivation technology and experience, i plan to expand production scale and lead more villagers and poor households to become prosperous via the industry,” said Mr. Wang excitedly.

Last modified on Wednesday, 20 December 2017 11:43