Oyster mushrooms are evolving into picking period

Dec 15, 2017

For recent days, in mushroom base of Mazhuang Village, Rushanzhai Town, Shandong Province of China, Oyster mushrooms are vigorously popping heads out of sticks.
At the beginning of this year, Mazhuang Village took the lead on Oyster mushroom cultivation in a bid to lift comprehensive agricultural benefit and help the masses to end poverty and increase incomes.
“The mushroom project holds 412,000 CNY of gross investment, at first, hillside field that covers 12 mu of land was transformed on establishment of mushroom greenhouse. By the end of this year, the expected annual revenues come to 20,000 CNY,” said village director of Mazhuang Village passionately.

Last modified on Friday, 22 December 2017 10:07