Dalsem Mushroom Projects taken over

Feb 01, 2018

Investment company Strong Root Capital, in cooperation with CommonWealth Investments, has taken over all the shares of Dalsem Mushroom Projects (DMP) from the Dalsem Group. This makes Strong Root Capital the new owner of the leading supplier to the international mushroom industry in Horst. Almost simultaneously Ron Hegger takes over the position of Managing Director of
Jan Berings, who remains connected to the company as Commercial Director.

According to the new Managing Director Hegger, who has a background in the graphic industry and project management, the acquisition is a logical move. "Dalsem Groep is fully focused on greenhouse horticulture projects, so synergy was limited, especially in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementation and realization of projects. As an independent company and with the financial injection and support of SRC we can focus more on growth than before. In addition, there is more room for strategic cooperation with other suppliers for a more integrated (turnkey) strategy towards customers."

SRC, which was founded in 2011, is according to Hegger, 'an investor with experience in growing and expanding innovative companies. It is also important that SRC invests for the longer term and is not aimed at achieving quick profit. In short, a good match for the phase in which DMP is now located '. (https://www.strongrootcapital.nl/).

DMP will continue to cooperate with the former parent company where possible. Nothing changes for the customers, who can continue to count on their services as they are used to from DMP. The name and logo also remain the same.

Jan Berings who has been working for DMP since 1984, is also employed by the company as Commercial Director and will certainly continue to be closely involved with clients and projects in this capacity, before slowly retiring. "Every company needs new blood and each period of time and market asks for new insights", says Berings. Hegger agrees: "We had to make a choice for the future of the company, and we opted for growth."

You can read an extensive interview with Hegger and Berings in the coming issue of Mushrooms and Mushroom Business.

Source: Mushroom Business

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