Mushroom cultivation: Superb transformation of straw fattens growers’ wallets

Jan 11, 2018

Now, in factory of Shanghai Lianzhong Mushroom Cooperative, whole transformation process of straw is being staged.

“We mix dried straws and cow dung, after several days of fermentation, they become swarthy base stock,” introduces Mr. Zhang, principal of the cooperative passionately, adding that this year, he holds over 700 mu of straws, to calculate by mu output of 800 kg, gross output reaches 5.6 million kg.

Straw recycling on mushroom cultivation facilitates eliminating environmental pollution while generating handsome incomes and realizing a win-win situation.

In 2015, Shanghai Lianzhong Mushroom Cooperative introduced advanced technology from Holland, and launched into green and ecological mushroom cultivation via the mixture of chicken manure and straw. By now, 12 straw packing machines have been introduced to the cooperative, once straws are harvested, machines recycle and package smashed straws. Now, annual consumption amount on straw reaches 20,000 tons in the cooperative.