Shiitake sticks that value 85,000 USD were exported to European Union

Mar 28, 2018

Not long ago, after going through on-site inspection, packaging and sealing, the first batch of Shiitake sticks which weight 95 tons and value 85,000 USD were exported to European union from Chengdu Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, China.

In order to retain the freshness of Shiitake and reduce the risk of transportation, Shiitake sticks which were exported this time are marked as Low-value Products. According to know, the sticks were new Shiitake variety developed by mushroom mavens of Chengdu City, China. After the fruiting, values are doubled and redoubled.

Export of mushroom sticks highlights low risk and remarkable revenues. During the transportation course, fruiting is infeasible by temperature control. After approaching the destination, fresh Shiitakes grow from sticks 7-8 days after adjusting the temperature.

Last modified on Tuesday, 03 April 2018 13:54