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1. Lift the temperature of fungus bed: In cold winter, mushroom cultivators should lift the temperature of fungus bed and create favorable fruiting temperature. Besides, they could additionally cover a layer of thin film outside the house, and cover straw mats or heat-prevention quilt at night.

2. Enhance the ventilation: During the bud stage, mushrooms lead vigorous breathing status, in that case, cultivators should inhibit the sediment of carbon dioxide while preventing the assault of cold wind in mushroom house. In general case, it is proper to ventilate the house around noon for 10-20 minutes so as to supplement fresh air.

3. Strengthen water-replenishing: After passing the growth of autumn, mushroom sticks such as Shiitake and Oyster mushroom loss water for 40%-50%, on that occasion, cultivators should immediately supplement moisture, before that, firstly ventilate the house for 3-4 days, and ideal water source is well water. Most importantly, be sure to spray more water on large amount of mushrooms and spray less on small amount, spray more during bud stage and reduce the amount during picking period.


Learned from Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Luoyang City, Henan Province of China, not long ago, 15.04 tons of dried Black fungi and 4.18 tons of dried Shiitake produced in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province of China were smoothly exported to Vietnam.

According to related principal in Luoyang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, mushrooms produced in Pingdingshan City are always favored by mushroom pursuers in China. With the help of specially-assigned person from the bureau, Mushroom Quality Management System has been established while export record qualification has been acquired in a bid to promote the development of foreign trade of Pingdingshan City.


During 7th-13th, Nov, Sengong E-commerce Marketing Platform achieved sales volume of 13.353 million CNY, among all the products in field of green foods, tourism and forest products, Black fungi became the most popular variety and showed the salesroom of 7.32 million CNY, which powerfully pushed the transformation of forestry district and leaded local staffs to generate revenues.


Recently, supervisor of Horticultural Department of Shanghai Agricultural Technical Extension Centre and technical staffs working in local agricultural technical center went to Shanghai Yinghui Agricultural Development Co., LTD for on-site guidance of Shiitake production.

Founded in 2013, Shanghai Yinghui Agricultural Development Co., LTD was put into operation in 2015 and it is the largest Shiitake enterprise in Shanghai City of China, strains used for mushroom production are all introduced from Japan. This year, daily output comes to 12,000 bags, annual production on fresh Shiitake reaches over 2000 tons and output value obtains 21 million CNY. Besides, till now, the company has made investment for three phases, mushroom greenhouses that cover over 20 mu of land have been built in a bid to expand production scale and lift production capacity.

“Production of fresh Shiitake undoubtedly holds unique advantages in Shanghai City, flexible sales mode of Yinghui Company has added vigor to its sustained development,” introduces related mushroom maven in earnest, going on that in future production road, summary of experience is crucial to improve production level and acquire better economic benefits.

During 18th-24th, Nov, Hunan Agricultural Fair was held in Changsha International Exhibition Center, during the expo, a giant Ganoderma attracted participants’ eyeball.

As shown in the picture, the Ganoderma shows purple in the entire body and holds the diameter of above 80cm.

“Ganoderma helps to improve body constitution, enhance body’s disease-resistant ability and adjust physiological equilibrium,” said chairman of Qinkun Group passionately, owner of the Ganoderma king, introducing that 1 kg of spore powder could be collected via 100 kg of Ganoderma, spore powder of Ganoderma also facilitates supporting the healthy energy and enhancing the immunity.

In early morning when people are still sleeping on both ears, Mr. Yang, party branch secretary of Zhangzhuang Village, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province of China is already busy with mushroom works in fruiting room with his son.

In Zhangzhuang Village, villagers mainly live by traditional crops, however, scarce land and large population still fail to raise villagers’ living standard, and hence the problem on poverty alleviation and wealth acquiring become gripping in the village.

“In 2011, our village launched King oyster mushroom cultivation, in order to mobilize villagers’ initiatives, i registered for Jiangsu Hanlong Agricultural Development Co., LTD and took the lead on King oyster mushroom cultivation in 120 mu of land,” introduces Mr. Yang passionately, adding that after 7 years of development, by right of strong strain superiority and powerful technical strength, he then established Yangliu Mushroom Cooperative which win annual sales income of over 20 million CNY and lead more than 100 villagers to get jobs.

Now, base of King oyster mushroom owned by Mr. Yang has been developed into industrialized, modernized and intelligent greenhouse.

Industrialized cultivation of King oyster mushroom manifests high output and superior quality, meanwhile, it facilitates saving land and consuming agricultural wastes. Besides, mushroom residues could be reused as raw ingredients of organic fertilizers, the whole production process is pollution-free.

On 13th, Nov, fresh Shiitakes kept in a reefer container of China Railway Express smoothly left Container Center Station of Zhengzhou Railway, China.

“This batch of Shiitakes come from Zhejiang Province and involve 5 Shiitake varieties, number of units comes to 1570 while gross weight is at 7960 kg, after a dozen of days, they will arrive Munich, the capital of Bavaria, Germany,” introduces deputy chief from Henan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, going on that origin of this batch of Shiitake is in Qingyuan County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province of China where holds the earliest record of artificial Shiitake cultivation in China, this time of Shiitake transportation in form of China Railway Express indicates the increasingly mature of cold-chain construction on China Railway as well as the continual enhancement of its brand influence.


This year, Dunhua City, Jilin Province of China has been vigorously pushing the transformation and development of green industry and seeking improvement in stability on aspect of local characteristic industry.

Up to no,w 4 mushroom gardens have been built in the city, 34,520 households have been driven to embark on mushroom industry.

Now, mushroom capacity reaches 630 million bags in Dunhua City, which makes for expected output value of 1.8 billion CNY, mushroom varieties include Oyster, King oyster, Pleurotus citrinopileatus and others.