Trial semi-industrial mushroom cultivation attains its success

Nov 09, 2017

Recently, trial mushroom cultivation implemented in the first semi-industrial mushroom base of Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province of China realized its fruitful results, picking period has been maintained for nearly 20 days.

Through repeated visiting and investigation, principal of the base learned about the cultivation technology of industrialized mushroom. By building galvanized steel frames, installing humidifiers and exhaust fans, original refrigeration house was transformed into a semi-industrial mushroom base, and anniversary mushroom production could be achieved there through the adjustment on temperature, humidity and concentration of carbon dioxide.

“In equivalent production area, mushroom output came to 1.5kg per square feet within 15 days of trial cultivation period, which equals to the fruiting amount by traditional mode for 8 months totaling 240 days,” introduces principal of the base passionately, going on that this cultivation mode facilitates realizing labor saving, automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity on aspect of production technology, and it is a discovery and practice that promote the transformation and upgrading of local mushroom cultivation.

The promotion of semi-industrial mushroom cultivation will also provide a good break point for development bottlenecks that restrict local mushroom industry in aspect of labor shortage, low comprehensive benefit and seasonal production, and exploit a more scientific development road for local mushroom growers to increase revenues.