Brazil mushroom indicates a flourishing tomorrow

Jan 02, 2018

Now, Brazil mushroom industry is leading bright prospect in Yonghe Village, Wuchuan County, Guizhou Province of China.
With 2 million CNY of investment, Yonghe Village transformed 20 mu of land on development of Brazil mushroom industry. By now, 60 greenhouses have been built in the village, 16 of them have been put into production since June, and above 34,200 kg of Brazil mushroom have been produced, which helps generates gross bonus of 46,000 CNY for local 92 poor households.
Brazil mushroom industry has been hailed as the stable channel for local masses to generate incomes in Yonghe Village. Next step, the village is going to expand cultivation scale, and strive to bind more and more poor households on the industrial chain, realize stable development of village’s collective economy and boom the masses.

Last modified on Thursday, 11 January 2018 15:49