China’s leading industrialized mushroom enterprise: Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., LTD

Jan 04, 2018

Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., LTD mainly engages in R&D, industrialized cultivation and marketing of fresh mushrooms, main products include Enoki, Shiitake, Hypsizygus marmoreus and others.
As the incontrovertible leading mushroom enterprise in China, daily output on Enoki, Hypsizygus marmoreus and Shiitake respectively comes to 304 tons, 26 tons and 130 tons in the company, gross daily mushroom production attains 460 tons, which ranks first among Chinese industrialized mushroom enterprises and is twice times of the second place.
To see from external environment, mushroom requirement is rapidly increasing, proportion of industrialized mushroom production is increasingly expanded while concentration degree of the industry is low. And on its own terms, Xuerong Company completely specializes in industrialized production of fresh mushroom, it is the incontrovertible leading enterprise and it holds several overwhelming superiority in aspect of output capacity, channel, technology and brand.
Mushrooms carry abundant nutrition, agree with modern consumption upgrading and indicate broad development prospect. Industrialized mushroom production has become the inevitable trend in mushroom industry, it is also the recognized only route for mushroom industry to go from large to strong.