Flower mushrooms are entering into Korean market from China

Jan 11, 2018

At present, in mushroom greenhouse that covers over 10,000 mu in Minhe County, Qinghai Province of China, grower are busy with picking work of fresh Flower mushrooms which will be exported to Korea after a few days.
At the beginning of 2017, Minhe County introduced Flower mushroom cultivation from Shandong Province of China, and launched trial cultivation.
Flower mushrooms hold high demand to its growth environment, in general, temperature range of Flower mushroom greenhouse should be controlled at 11-27 degrees Celsius, and longstanding direct solar radiation should be eliminated.
Climatic and environmental conditions of Minhe County are suitable for Flower mushroom cultivation, during the cultivation process, agrochemical fertilizer or hormone are prohibited, and mushroom products act the mustard of organic food.
Flower mushroom carries long picking period, its single economic value is twice and triple higher than other mushroom varieties. By now, gross mushroom output shows 7500kg in the greenhouse.