SPECIAL NEWS: Development Analysis of Chinese Industrialized Button Mushroom Industry

Jan 23, 2018

Winter is the peak marketing season of mushrooms, now, Oyster, Enoki, Drumstick and White mushroom are superior varieties which lead large sales volume in China. Since the end of May, 2017, market price of Button mushroom has been gradually rising in the majority of Chinese vegetable markets.

Now, in production workshop of Jiangsu Minzhong Organic Food Co., LTD, pure-white Button mushrooms are vigorously popping their heads out of fungus bed while staffs are engaged with the picking and packaging work.

“At present, daily output on Button mushroom attains 20 tons, and they are thoroughly in short supply,” introduces general manager of Minzhong Company.

Over the years, during the adjustment process of agricultural structure, Chinese Button mushroom industry has been evolving into an active one in many regions, characteristic raw materials used for Button mushroom cultivation include wheat straw, stalks, chicken manure, cow dung and others. The rapid development of mushroom industry facilitates transforming waste agricultural straws into high-nutrition mushrooms, and cultivation wastes could be reused as organic fertilizer that improves soil, which boosts a sustainable benign ecological circular agriculture.

After years of development, Chinese Button mushroom industry has witnessed its rapid growth, especially in recent 3 years, all the nationalized industrialized Button mushroom enterprises have been built and put into production, which accumulates valuable experience for China to carve out a characteristic cultivation path.

According to statistics, in 2017, among all the Chinese industrialized mushroom enterprises, 47 enterprises mainly engage in Button mushroom production, which accounts for 8.88% of national gross volume of mushroom enterprise. Of variety composition of daily gross output, industrialized Button mushroom reaches 434.76 tons, which drops by 236.85 tons compared with 2016 and shows 35.27% of dropping degree.

In previous years, restricted by large investment and high comprehensive technology, Chinese industrialized Button mushroom industry experienced slow development speed while it gained stable output. In recent two years, by virtue of considerable market price of Button mushroom and price decline of equipment import, many production projects of industrialized Button mushroom have been preferred by several main production regions and investors in China.