Cyclic and green project of mushroom production is fiery

Jan 24, 2018

In recent years, mushroom project that highlights the cyclic steps of “Sugarcane - Cow - Mushroom - Fertilizer” keeps on gaining great attentions. As the implementation site,  Banle  Village, Ningming County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region strives to boost agricultural benefits and realize cyclic utilization of resource via the project.

On September, 2017, a cattle farm was established in  Banle Village, gross amount reached over 100 cattle. As the neighbour, a mushroom house was subsequently built in October and trial Agrocybe cylindracea cultivation implemented via cow dung and other compost mixtures was launched. Till now, 2 batches of picking have been achieved, and economic incomes have attained 3000 CNY.

Besides, in Bangun Community that is two kilometers far away from Banle Village, headquarters of the project is in intense construction. On construction site, main work of mushroom base and processing factory of organic fertilizer has been accomplished, workers are engaged with installation of necessary equipment.

“We take cow dung as base stock of mushroom cultivation, the expected mushroom varieties include Button, Shiitake, Agrocybe cylindracea and Straw mushroom,” introduces project leader as well as the chairman of Ningming Luoye Agricultural Development Co., LTD passionately, going on that the base engages in mushroom cultivation with agricultural wastes, after  the disposal through fixed procedures, mixture of cow dung is used for cultivation of Straw, Button and Agrocybe cylindracea in proper sequence, then waste impurities which run out of nutrients are sent to processing factory for fertilizer production so as to re-cultivate sugarcane, corn and other crops, which clearly manifests an industrial chain dominated by cattle and underlined on symbiotic development of multiple industries.


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