Now you can cultivate Morels at all seasons

Feb 01, 2018

As a kind of high-end mushroom variety, Morels keep on gaining popularity by customers in virtues of abundant nutrition and tender flavor. Besides, as the variety which holds scarce market, market price of dried Morel once reached 2000 CNY per kg in China.

Learned from Kunming Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences, On 19th of January, new movements were given out on Morel cultivation by maven, which indicates a new circumstance -Morel cultivation at all seasons.

Over the years, motivated by economic profits, wild Morels have been excessively foraged in most regions of China, which almost results in Morel extinction. However, along with its smooth wild domestication and artificial cultivation, market demand has been gradually eased. In addition, by reason of preference on low temperature, Morel sowing is usually done in winter while picking season arrives in spring in China, which leads to stockpiling in peak season and low price.

After 20 years of dedicated exploration, new mode of Morel cultivation has been successfully developed in Kunming Institute of Botany of Chinese Academy of Sciences. On aspect of that, cultivation period could be shortened from 120-180 to 60-100 days while success rate is improved by 20%-30%.

In Yunnan, Sinkiang and other 7 provinces of China, demonstrative cultivation that covers over 10,000 mu has been promoted, pure incomes on each mu attain at least 8000 CNY per season.