Pholiota nameko becomes Dandong City’s new name brand

Mar 01, 2018

Learned from Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Dandong City, Liaoning Province of China, in 2017, there were 6 enterprise engaged with Pholiota nameko export in Dandong City, 161 batches totaling 1478 tons of canned Pholiota nameko were exported, export value attained 3.4362 million USD, which accounts for above 70% of China’s gross export volume.

Over the years, Pholiota nameko cultivation has been widely promoted in three provinces in Northeast China.

“Kuandian Region, Dandong City is the primary production region of Pholiota nameko, local temperature and humidity are suitable for growth of Pholiota nameko,” introduces principal from one of local canned food company passionately.

Dandong City holds over 30 years of history on Pholiota nameko export, in 1987, the city firstly exported its Pholiota nameko products to Japan, gross export volume obtained above 3000 tons. In recent years, a whole industrial chain that highlights cultivation, production, processing and export marketing has been formed in Pholiota nameko industry of Dandong City, now, Pholiota nameko products produced in the city are not only sold well in Chinese markets, but also exported to USA, Russia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other nations and regions.