Stick factory which holds the expected annual output of 10 million is put into production

Mar 22, 2018

Recently, stick factory which holds 3 million CNY of investment is formally put into production in Sayu Town, Anlong County, Guizhou Province of China. According to know, the factory is the key cooperative production project jointly developed by Guizhou Xinggen Agriculture Technology Co., LTD and Sayu Xialong Development Co., LTD. With the expected annual output of 10 million sticks, the factory could meet the production requirements of 1000 mushroom greenhouses. The formal production has also laid solid foundation for development of mushroom industry in Sayu Town.

As one of main sites for mushroom cultivation within Anlong County, by now, Sayu Town has established 872 mushroom greenhouses that occupy 523.2 mu. Besides, all the accessory equipment have been installed, work of mushroom production is in orderly implementation.