Deep well water contributes to the growth of Shiitake

Apr 04, 2018

As known to all, vegetable greenhouse shows heat preservation effect. However, in summer, the effect does nothing else but just like “Adding Fuel to the Flame” to vegetables. In Shiitake greenhouse of Tiedian Village, Pan’an County, Zhejiang Province of China, indoor temperature is at 23 degrees Celsius while outdoor temperature reaches 35 degrees Celsius in summer, so now there is a doubt - Why indoor temperature is lower than outdoors? The secret weapon is deep well water and reservoir water.

Pan’an County is the hometown of Shiitake in China, however, for local cultivators, high temperature is the dreadful enemy during the process, temperature is the primary factor that masters the growth of Shiitake. In general cases, the temperature range for growth of spawn should be controlled at 15-28 degrees Celsius, superior range should be at 22-28 degrees Celsius. When temperature exceeds 28 degrees, mycelia lead tardy growth tendency while they gradually die when temperature rises to above 35 degrees Celsius.

For summer-type Shiitakes, rotten stick is undoubtedly The Gate of Hell, this kind of phenomenon commonly occurs from the end of July to August. During that time, Shiitake sticks are in fully-grown status and in transitional period to physiological maturity. High temperature results in barriers to Shiitake cultivation while it brings about sundry fungi. Aiming at this fact, one of local mushroom farm that covers 90 mu of area in Pan’an County established a spray system which is to mix deep well water, pond water and reservoir water, especially deep well water that derives from 160 meters depth of deep well. In summer, the minimum temperature only reaches at 10 degrees Celsius or so.

Cooling effect in Shiitake greenhouse is evident after cultivators spray the mixed water. In spite of consecutive high temperature outside of greenhouse, inner temperature range is at 20-25 degrees Celsius all the time. Besides, the sprayed water could reflow back to pond for reuse, which immensely saves water source.

For the non-ideal case, meaning no deep well water, cultivators could choose high-temperature resistant Shiitake variety, set shade net and strengthen the ventilation of mushroom house so as to bring inner temperature down.